About Laser Hair Removal in Philadelphia
For those who've dealt with the hassle of shaving, the mess of waxing, the tediousness of tweezing, or the pain of electrolysis, it's time to discover the wonder of laser hair removal. Using intense pulsed light (IPL) energy, laser hair removal technology can remove unwanted hair virtually anywhere on the face or body, safely and effectively.

Whether you suffer from excessive or embarrassing hair growth, are seeking hair removal for aesthetic reasons, or simply want to experience being hair-free for up to two years with no upkeep, laser hair removal can be the solution for you.

Laser hair removal is popular with both men and women in Pennsylvania for the variety of hair removal options it offers. Women in Philadelphia often choose to treat unwanted facial hair, the bikini area, leg hair, and underarm hair with laser hair removal. Men, however, favor laser hair removal treatments for unwanted back hair or chest hair.

Laser hair removal is currently the best method of permanent hair reduction in Philadelphia. During treatment, IPL lasers target the pigments in unwanted hair, then eliminate growth by focusing their energy at the follicle root. With the advanced laser technology that's available today, long-term hair removal results are now possible for most skin and hair types and all hair densities.

With the ability to greatly benefit a patient's look as well as their lifestyle, it's no wonder laser hair removal is one of Philadelphia's top choices for hair removal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Philadelphia Laser Clinics

How does Laser Light remove hair?
Focused light energy is absorbed by hair follicles beneath the skin's surface. The absorbed light then heats up the targeted hair strands, which destroys hair at the root and damages the regenerative abilities of the hair follicle.

What happens during a treatment at a laser clinic or medspa in Philadelphia?
Prior to treatment, patients are usually required to trim or shave the treated area. This enables the laser to target follicles beneath the skin's surface for more effective results. Patients may be asked to wear dark glasses during treatment to protect their eyes. For sensitive treatment areas, topical anesthetic creams may be applied for greater comfort. Laser hair removal treatments usually last from 5-45 minutes.

What does the Intense Pulsed Laser Light treatment feel like?
Most patients liken the sensation of a laser treatment to the light snapping of a rubber band against the skin. Topical numbing creams, although not required, can be used to decrease sensitivity.

Can all hair be treated?
While dark-haired patients often achieve the best treatment results, newer laser technologies can successfully remove light hair as well.

Is Laser Light safe for all skin types?
Laser hair removal can safely and effectively treat unwanted hair for all skin types, including patients of African, Hispanic, Indian, and Asian descent.

Are there side effects?
Side effects, if they occur, can include minor symptoms such as slight reddening or swelling. Most patients who experience side effect symptoms report that they usually disappear within a few hours to a day. In rare situations, skin can appear darker or lighter after treatment, but this generally returns to normal in a few weeks at most. It's always recommended to limit sun exposure before and after each treatment to minimize the likelihood of side effects.

What kind of results can I expect?
Laser hair removal is considered an effective method of permanent hair reduction. The number of treatments required for long-term results can vary from patient to patient, but typically 8-12 treatment sessions are necessary to achieve up to two years of no re-growth. Before beginning treatment, your hair removal provider will determine a treatment plan based on your individual skin and hair conditions.

What is the cost of treatments in Philadelphia?
Laser hair removal prices in Philadelphia might vary from other clinics across the country or even in Pennsylvania. Treatment costs can depend on the treatment area, the length of treatment, and the average of treatment costs in your geographical region. At a consultation, patients can learn more about a clinic's specific price ranges, as well as possible financing options. Initial consultations are usually free of charge.